African Root

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African Root Bottle-8OZ

Ingredient: Bitter Kola, Ghana Must Go Root, Dry Ginger, Gbangba Root, and Prekese Plant. Also, secure a bottle of your favorite liquor… my preference is Henessy.. You can use any liquor of choice.
Process: Secure the Imysia wood Mortar to help in crushing ingredients. Crush all ingredients in a mortar. With the help of a funnel ( water bottle cut at the top) pour ingredients into a bottle.. 8oz bottle. Add Hennessy and keep for 2 business days. Drink when needed. Add any other preferred root to bottle for added taste.

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African Root  : The ultimate African Root Bottle. It obviously is just a lovely drink. The African Root bottle is an African mans dream and a must have drink by his bedside in time for the extra boost..



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